Karya Mina Putra was established in 1994 to run various businesses in the field of fish and seafood trade and timber exports. To do timber exports Karya Mina Putra has a sawmill & wood working factory located at Punjulharjo village at Rembang district, Central Java, Indonesia. We have our own facility for sawmill, kiln drying and moulding.

Karya Mina Putra well known as KMP producing many kind of wood working outdoor products, they are decking, beam (under construction), pole, fences, garden tile, roll border, shiplap etc. Most of them produced using many kind of Indonesian hardwoods such as Bangkirai, Kempas, Kamper and Merbau.

KMP export volume annually about 100 containers. KMP at recent day is the biggest wood working exporter in Rembang. During soft regulation of Indonesian International Trade Department before 2007, KMP was ever reach export quantity till 200 containers a month to Germany, Britain, China, Australia, Holland, America, France, Belgium and some countries in Europe.

The mission of our company is to strive to remain one of the largest wood product exporters in Rembang by maintaining the quality and quantity of the products. To achieve these objectives our products always use legal wood with SVLK and FLEGT certification by SUCOFINDO. We have our own export lisence and have full legality to support our wood industry in supplying worlds' demands.

Our Services :

  1. Wood Working Manufacture
    We are the wood working manufacture, had established more than a decade. Our production run on 10 hectare land, with completes wood equipments such as sawmill, planner, kiln dry, cutter & mouldin. Raw material cut from fresh round logs come from sumatra & borneo island. We saw the logs at our sawmill and get the sawn timbers. All timbers must passing quality grading to separate prime and standard quality. Next process inside the kiln dry within 2 weeks or more until the moisture is down. Then timbers profiled into moulding machines, measuring, grading & selecting and packed onto wooden pallets - strapped.
  2. Wood Working Exporter
    Karya Mina Putra is the exporter of wood working products directly as the shipper. We have our own export lisence. We have full legality to support our wood industry in supplying worlds' demands. Our loading port is through semarang seaport. It is about 100 km from our factory. We are the member of BRIK, KADIN, ISWA and other timber bussiness organization. We obey the Indonesian timber trade regulation. Due to the all eyes seeing to illegal logging rumor at rain forest country, specially in Indonesia, KMP had take a part in support green forest with legal timber, certificate issued by SICS. All of our timbers are legal.
  3. Various Wood Products
    Our experience more than 10 years in wood working had bring us to many customers who have various demands from all over the worlds. Products we been make are primary products such bigger and smaller size of outdoor decking, beams and poles, with many options of the profiles. We are also producing secondary products; wooden garden tile, fences, pergolla etc. Assembly products has becoming our important production in support primary products for many years. Each countries have their own size and specifications. Its helps our production randemen. We invite You to come to our factory to see our advantages.