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PT. Karya Mina Putra was established in 1994 to run various businesses in the field of fish and seafood trade and timber exports. To do timber exports PT. Karya Mina Putra has a sawmill & wood working factory located at Punjulharjo village at Rembang district, Central Java, Indonesia. We have our own facility for sawmill, kiln drying and moulding.

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PT. Karya Mina Putra : Wood Working Exporter


PT. Karya Mina Putra is the exporter of wood working products directly as the shipper. We have our own export lisence. We have full legality to support our wood industry in supplying worlds' demands. We are the member of BRIKKADINISWA and other timber bussiness organization. 

PT. Karya Mina Putra : Wood Working Manufacture


We are the wood working manufacture, had established more than a decade. Our production run on 10 hectare land, with completes wood equipments such as sawmillplannerkiln drycutter & moulding. Raw material cut from fresh round logs come from sumatra & borneo island. 

PT. Karya Mina Putra : Various Wood Products


Our experience more than 10 years in wood working had bring us to many customers who have various demands from all over the worlds. Products we been make are primary products such bigger and smaller size of outdoor deckingbeams and poles, with many options of the profiles.

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All our products are handled by professionals who are experts in their work. Products are made carefully and always pass our quality control.


Prices of all PT. Karya Mina Putra's products are affordable to buy. We're understand that a good product does't have to be expensive. Call us as soon as possible.


We guarantee that all our products that we produce always have good quality. We have 3 different quality offer, standard, better and premium grade.

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